Our investors are our partners.

At Salon, investors have a unique opportunity to partner in a fund for entertainment projects which you’re able to follow all the way to the big screen, TV or online.

When we finance films at Salon, the investor becomes an equal partner with us in the fund, which invests on an equity basis in each project, taking ownership of revenue rights, giving investors further opportunities for capital growth and profit, such as foreign sales, merchandising and TV sales.

The fund is entirely asset-backed, meaning repayments (and therefore your returns) are not tied to the success of one project, which minimizes risk and increases the likelihood that we can maximize tax-free growth and secure attractive fixed annual returns for our investors.

We offer a variety of instruments from blockchain securities to HMRC assured EIS relief – returns, dividends and royalties – across a diversified portfolio of carefully curated films, documentaries, and television series. A non-correlated asset class that will continue to build, capitalising on the industry’s performance in the past two decades of recession-resistant growth.

Salon’s principals draw on a wealth of experience across film distribution, production, and private sector investment. We not only put our investors first, but also involve them in the process of filmmaking.

We are dedicated to creative excellence, international commercial reach, and awards potential. And we deliver on this promise.

Salon is represented by Lee & Thompson LLP, who handle the group’s legals; and Nyman Libson Paul LLP, who manage the group’s accounts.